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Klaudia Kaye is a Fashion Editorial & Headshot Photographer located in West Hollywood,

California. She found her love for photography during her film studies in Manhattan,

New York in 2011, studying in a Masters class at the New York Film Academy, filmmaking

program,  directing, producing & acting in short films, commercials & music videos.


Klaudia Kaye is a professionally published photographer with 7 years experience, 

mixed with her passion for fashion, which lead her to creatively directing most of her photoshoots,

yet she loves the collaborative process of working with a team of talented creatives, who can execute.

We have our own in house team, of hair stylists, makeup artist, wardrobe stylists, videographers and

photographers. We only out source our retouching services and printing.

Recently Klaudia Kaye was chosen as one of the 

'Best Portrait Photographers in West Hollywood in 2019.'

She comes from a background in entertianment for over 15 years, and truly knows how to capture

your unique beauty within, the spirit within that makes you, you. Something no one can be but you.

She finds what the casting directors want, your agents will approve of, and managers will flaunt about.


"Color & a particular moment in time says everything when looking at a Photo/ headshot.

Background adds texture and light to the subject either complimenting or triggering a particular 

emotion.  It is all an art form, some capture it, other's fantasize of it.

The ultimate point is to capture the soul within." - Klaudia Kaye

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