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Klaudia Kaye


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Klaudia Kaye is an Eastern European filmmaker/photographer who speaks Polish, French, and English. Born in Kalamata, Greece, from two Polish-born immigrant parents, she spent most of her early years in Toronto, Canada where she took acting classes from the age of  11 on stage at the Living Arts Center. Klaudia auditioned to Etobicoke School of the Arts High School (ESA) in 2007 and graduated from the Drama-Theatre program, with honors and a scholarship to the Performing-Arts Theatre program at (now known as) Toronto Metropolitan University while being represented by agent Norbert Abrams at Noble Caplan Abrams for theatrical and commercial work.


In 2007, Klaudia booked her lead role in a crime documentary, 'Dead On Arrival' as Kate, the girlfriend who becomes a paraplegic after a car accident, distributed to every high school in North America sponsored by M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and produced by MJM Productions, Ryan Furlong. In 2008, she booked the supporting role of Kristin Soloman in ‘Cold Blood’, Season 1, E.4: Femme Fatale.


Klaudia moved to New York in 2011 to pursue her passions of becoming a filmmaker and later graduated from the New York Film Academy, Filmmaking program in 2011. She first gained recognition for her short film, 'Blue Sunrise '(2012), which she wrote, produced, and directed with original music composition by Michel A. Reis, starring; Jonas Barranca, George Pappas, and Cynthia Harrington. After her studies, Klaudia moved to LA in 2013 to further pursue her dreams of one day opening up her own studio and finding stories to build a slate.


In 2016, Klaudia co-produced and acted in the feature horror film, 'The Amityville Terror', directed by Michael Ojeda, starring; Kauai Leyman, Trevor Stines, Nicole Tompkins & Tonya Kaye. Klaudia has worked independently with companies such as; NBC Universal; Peacock Productions, History Channel, Carnival, and Pow Entertainment.


With a true passion for crime cinema, Klaudia founded 'MobCity Productions', a niche film and television production company in 2017 focused on; gangster, crime, drama, thrillers, and based on true stories with a slate currently at different stages of development. In 2020, Klaudia further branded her company and trademarked MOBCITY®, an everyday lux apparel line catered for your comfort and style. The mark is a registered trademark with the United States Patent office


During the global pandemic, in 2021, Klaudia created and self-published the world's first Crime Cinema™  Vol.1-3 illustration coffee books and was acknowledged by the CEO of IMDB (International Movie Database) as one of the top 300 contributors worldwide in the niche. Since the beginning of movie-making, also known as 'Pre Code Hollywood', crime cinema has always fascinated viewers and inspired filmmakers. America's first known crime film, 'Sherlock Holmes Baffled', (1903) was a 45-second long short and the first gangster crime movie ever to be released was, 'Underground', (1927). Each Volume is 100-pages and covers over 300+ gangster, crime, drama, thriller movies over the past 30+ years, Vol.1: 1930-1960, Vol.2: 1960-1990 and Vol.3: 1990-2020, with detailed production, cast, distribution, and box office numbers. See more books published by KK and buy your collector's editions Here.

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