Everybody loves Ray Romano, particularly his bank

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With roles on dramas such as Parenthood, Men of a Certain Age, and Vinyl, stand-up comedian and family sitcom star Ray Romano has proven himself to be a very talented dramatic actor. Those prestige dramas are far removed from Romano's best known work, the Emmy-winning and extraordinarily successful 1996-2005 CBS comedy Everybody Loves Raymond. (He was Raymond.)

Everybody, indeed, loves Raymond, and they still do. Reruns of the show play on local stations and all over cable TV, which means huge residual checks for Romano, the star and co-creator of the series. Perhaps Romano felt free to take on more challenging and surprising roles because he's financially secure enough to do so. According to Forbes (via Vanity Fair), he recently placed third on a list of the highest-paid TV actors, even though he didn't currently have a show on the air. His $18 million haul came almost entirely from Raymond residuals.

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