"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely

ridiculous, then absolutely boring" - marilyn monroe


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My world in entertainment began at a young age, on stage,

where the bigger the voice and physical character, the better.

At eight, I fell in love with theater and entertaining an audience from afar.


I attended my first acting class at the Living Arts Center in Mississauga,

Ontraio, outside of Toronto, which lead me to Etobicoke School of the Arts Highschool, where

I spent the next four years and performed in plays such as; The Importance of being Earnest,

playing the lead of Cecily Cardow, Hedda Gabbler, playing Hedda, A Midnights Summer Dream,

playing a fairy to Hepolita, to directing; The Song of Louise in the morning with Max Toplin (Carrie) & Solana Cain.


I graduated with a scholarship to Ryerson University Performing Arts-Theater program,

when I soon realized my world on stage was about to be over and my passion for film and television took over.


At the end of highschool I signed with Norbert Abrams at Noble Caplan Abrams, auditioning for leads in commercial, television and film work 

I trained with Marvin Karen & Louis Baumander; in Toronto for a few years, an amazing acting coach who coached many of the Degracy the Next Generation kids, at the time, Nina Dobrev, Shannon Cook, even Drake -- being one of many.

After switching programs, I continued my studies at Ryerson University in the Radio and television Program, focusing on Television Production. My New York dream was just around the corner. I picked up and moved to New York to continue my studies at the New York film Academy -- Filmmaking program.


With my fellow MA students, I produced, directed, wrote, edited, shot, acted in a handfull of short films, commercial specs such as Bud Light, Cadillac, Doritos Super Bowl, and took advantage of what the school had to offer. The equipment!!! I produced, directed, shot and edited  short films. Blue Sunrise was my first short which I submitted to festivals around. and received recognition at the Sedona Intenational Film Festival and the New Filmmakers NY, recieving official selection in 2012.


During my studies, I fell in love with photography. I bought a canon 7D and started location scouting all over the city, then capturing people, which lead to coordinating fashion shoots and commercial specs and promo videos for artists. 


After 3 years of living in New York, I decided to move to Los Angeles landing a 3 month gig as an assistant editor, while building  new clientel in a new city for my photography and working on personal projects on the side as a production manager. 


Within the past 5 years, I shot for Stan Lee (Creator of Marvel Comics), Nick Canon (Comedian, Actor), Omar Benson Miller (HBO, Ballers) Petry Byrd (Actor), Robert Ri'Chard (Actor), Akon (singer), Melody Thornton (Pussycat Dolls), Don Benjamin (America's next top model winner), Bruce Thomas (Legally Blonde, Actor) + Kaiwi Lyman (Actor, Den of thieves) and much more. I also started a production company during that time called, MobCity Productions LLC, and continue my passion and love as a fashion photographer. I am hoping to get a lot more travel photography in during the next few years and eventually exhibit my work as this brings me pure happiness, while developing my slate of films, that are based on true stories, which are currently at different stages of development.

For more information you can visit www.mobcityproductions.com and follow me on Instagram @mobcityproductions & @klaudiakaye



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